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    My works evolves juxtaposing what I interpret the ancient Indian tradition and culture with the contemporary materials and methods. I create my memories; I sculpt the reflections of my visual experience of the wealth of ancient and traditional sculpture, rock-cut shelters, architecture, icons, pillars, doorjambs, folk and tribal artefacts, totem poles and their fragmentary remnants.

    My work is reminiscent of the art and culture of Orissa, my native land in eastern India. My creations are the embodiment of me, and the world around me.

    Evolving from the realistic to the abstract, my sculptures are inspired by the human figure and the organic shapes of nature. I try and capture the affirmation of spirit and soul, of battles won and souls conquered, of the undying sanguinity of being human.

    I prefer to work with nature's raw materials, primarily wood and stone. By temperament, I am a carver. I love the physical act of pushing a chisel across the wood's grain or stone's layers. Sculpting is a collaboration of my thoughts with the intrinsic nature of Marble, Granite or Sand Stone, Shisam or Teak. My work in recent times has been expressed in mix-medium, but I always love to imitate nature and it's materials. I am fascinated by what I see in nature – the materials, the patterns, and textures as well as by man and the manmade environment, objects and things.


        Art  is my  attempt to understand myself and to express what I have found for others. My sculptures give meaning to the path that I have traversed and
the possibilities that lie ahead of me.

                                                                                                                                                                          TUTU PATTNAIK


 My other Links:   www.lapidiales.org   wwww.international sculpture symposium.ru



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